Reuben and Friends Invitational - Tapping Times & Beer Descriptions


We are tapping 40 special beers over the course of the festival on Saturday, May 18th. Here is a complete listing of the beers that will be pouring as part of the festival and their descriptions.

Tapping times will be posted here and on social media on Saturday morning! Things are a bit different than Invitationals past, as we will have FIVE pouring stations including the main bar. At any given time, two festival beers will be pouring at each station.

All beers, unless noted, will be available exclusively in 4oz taster-size pours.

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  • Funkwerks/Reuben's Cherry in the Dark (7%)

    • This chestnut-hued dark ale was aged in Oregonian red wine barrels with brettanomyces for four months and was then re-fermented with cherries

  • Aslan Ashes in the Fall (12.8%)

    • Stout aged in both rye whiskey and red wine barrels and aged for 10 months with brettanomyces

  • Structures Fuzz (6.3%)

    • Hazy IPA

  • pFriem Nectarine Golden (6.9%)

    • Golden Ale in fresh Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc barrels with nectarines

  • Chuckanut Rauch Helles (4.7%)

    • Smoked Helles lager

  • Ecliptic Vega IPA (6.5%)

    • American IPA

  • Seapine Golden Sour ()

    • (Description to come)

  • Grains of Wrath / Chuckanut Wrath of Chuck (5%)

    • Nelson Sauvin hopped lager

  • Wander Raspberry Champagne Toast (5%)

    • Raspberry Berlinerweiss

  • Cloudburst Slap Bag (7.5%)

    • Hazy IPA

  • Reuben's Brews Dark, Strong, and Proper (10.5%)

    • Belgian Dark Strong / Quadrupel aged in red wine barrels

  • Horus Eagle's Exclusivity - 2oz Bottle Pour (15.7%)

    • Imperial Stout with Almonds, Chocolate, Coffee, and Pecans

  • Cloudburst No Mistakes (5.3%)

    • Schwarzbeer

  • Moonraker Bone Frog NE Pale Ale (5.8%)

    • NE Pale Ale

  • Fort George Cathedral Tree (4.8%)

    • Foudre-fermented Pilsner

  • Structures Biere de Miel (5.9%)

    • Fireweed Honey Saison

  • Grains of Wrath Mots Fantaisie (12.2%)

    • Belgian Quad aged in Pinot Noir with cranberries and Brett

  • Ecliptic Cosmos Hazy (8%)

    • Firestone Walker collaboration hazy IPA

  • Matchless Wildflower Moon (4.9%)

    • Biere de Mars-style beer aged in foudre.

  • Seapine Ur-Pilsner (5.5%)

    • Pilsner

  • Aslan Frances Farmer (5.6%)

    • Rustic saison aged in foudres

  • Reuben's Brews Coconut BBIS (11.9%)

    • Coconut Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout

  • Bruery Black Tuesday (19.2%)

    • Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

  • Chuckanut Skagit Harvest Ale (5.5%)

    • All Skagit Valley malt

  • pFriem Cerveza Negra (4.7%)

    • Dark Mexican lager

  • Alvarado Street Mango Mai Tai (6.5%)

    • Mai Tai PA with Mangoes

  • Funkwerks Passionfruit Provincial (4.2%)

    • Belgian sour with passionfruit

  • Old Town Borneo Hazy (6.6%)

    • Hazy IPA

  • Urban Family Vernal Bloom (6.5%)

    • Oak-aged sour ale with nectarines

  • Matchless The Window (4.7%)

    • Dry-hopped table beer

  • Alvarado Street Mai Tai (6.5%)

    • 100% Mosaic Pale Ale

  • Great Notion Juice Invader (7.2%)

    • Southern Hemisphere IPA with Galaxy hops

  • Moonraker Strange Magic NE IPA (6.5%)

    • NE IPA

  • Fort George Don't Believe The Hype (6.4%)

    • American IPA

  • Old Town Nectar de Oro (4.8%)

    • Pale ale brewed with agave nectar

  • Wander Mango Antlers (6.6%)

    • Hazy IPA brewed with mangoes

  • Bruery Oude Tart (7.5%)

    • Flemish-Style Red Ale aged in red wine barrels for 18 months

  • Horus Proper Dose - 2oz Bottle Pour (13.9%)

    • Imperial Stout with Chocolate, Coffee, Hazelnuts, and Vanilla

  • Urban Family Forbidden Sorcery (7%)

    • Passionfruit Black Sour Ale

  • Great Notion Double Stack (11%)

    • Imperial Breakfast Stout with maple syrup and coffee

Seattle Pride T-Shirt Design Contest


Reuben’s Brews team showing off our t-shirt release from 2018.

Reuben’s Brews team showing off our t-shirt release from 2018.

Reuben’s Brews is holding its first-ever contest to design a special edition shirt to celebrate Seattle Pride 2019!

We would like to give you as an artist an opportunity to express your creativity and see your design come to life at your favorite local brewery. We will take design submissions until May 27, 2019, and we will release a small batch of the winner’s t-shirts in the lead up to Seattle Pride.

The winner will receive a swag bag from Reuben’s Brews. A portion of the proceeds from the shirts will go directly to a non-profit organization that supports and empowers the LGBTQIA community.


  • All designs must be submitted in pdf and vector file format by end of the day on May 27th. Email your submission to . 

  • Designs will only be chosen for further advancement in the contest if they meet our specifications.

Design Specifications:

  • Our cursive “r” logo must be recognizable within the design. (You have permission to pull the cursive "r" from our website, or you can email to have the file sent to you.) 

  • The design must exemplify who Reuben’s Brews is as a brewery and incorporate the theme of the competition: Seattle Pride and support of our LGBTQIA community.


  • 3 freshly printed shirts featuring the artist’s design produced at Reuben’s Brews sole expense

  • Swag bag of other fine Reuben’s Brews merchandise  

  • Ability to select a non-profit organization that supports and empowers the LGBTQIA community to which Reuben’s Brews will donate a portion of the proceeds from the shirt sales.


  • Please direct any questions to

Three Breweries in One: Reuben's Brews in 2019

Mike manning our new 30bbl production brewhouse

Mike manning our new 30bbl production brewhouse

A huge part of who we are at Reuben’s Brews is the breadth of beer that we brew. We produced over 140 unique beers in 2018 alone. An essential reason why we are able to offer so many beers - from your everyday favorite beers in distribution to the one-off experimental brews available only in our tasting rooms - is that we are actually three breweries in one. 

When we opened our doors in 2012 we brewed exclusively on a 5bbl system in a 1200 sq. ft. space on 53rd Street in Ballard. By 2015 we had moved in to our Taproom and brewery on 14th Avenue and 51st Street, and had moved up to a 15bbl system. This brewery allowed us to expand our production and brew more of the beer we love to make, but we soon realized that we needed to expand further. Thus in late 2018 we opened our production brewery - with a 30bbl brewhouse - on 8th Avenue and 46th. In our six years as a brewery we’ve grown consistently but methodically, and have chosen to keep all of our facilities in operation!

Adam and Dean brewing on our original 5bbl system

Adam and Dean brewing on our original 5bbl system

Each brewery has its own indispensable role. Our original 5bbl brewery, though now closed to the public, is still in weekly operation producing so many of the small-batch beers that you love in our Taproom, including the recent Nordic Haze and soon-to-be released Crazyfool Lager. The 15bbl brewery at The Taproom was until very recently our production brewery, making all of the Pilsner, Crikey, and Bits and Bobs that you see out in the market. But with our new production facility coming on line, where we now brew the majority of the beer that reaches distribution, this has freed our middle-sized brewery to make even larger batches of favorites like BBIS (Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout) and Rustic Saison (for our Sour Program) which we’ve never been able to brew enough of.

These three breweries work in concert to produce the breadth of beer that Reuben’s Brews is known for. As of this post, we have released exactly 53 beers so far this year. And by the end of the week we will have an additional seven beers in tanks, ready to be released in the coming weeks!

Reuben’s Brews. Beer Unbound.

Our Pink Boots Society brew day in March 2019, in front of our 15bbl brewhouse at The Taproom

Our Pink Boots Society brew day in March 2019, in front of our 15bbl brewhouse at The Taproom

Seattle Beer Week 2019 - Events at The Taproom

Reuben’s and Friends Invitational Beer Fest 2018

Reuben’s and Friends Invitational Beer Fest 2018

Join us at The Taproom during this year’s Seattle Beer Week, May 9th to 19th, 2019. We’re bringing back some of our favorite events of the year, like Haze Fest, our Reuben’s and Friends Invitational, and Coffee Beer & Donuts! And we are adding a new event: The Reuben’s Brews Invitational Symposium.

Stay tuned to this page as we update these events with ticket information and other details.

May 10th - 10 Days of Beer Week Kickoff

    • Come in to either of our tasting rooms each day during beer week and get a pour, crowler, growler, or bottle/cans of each day’s featured beer and get a punch on your ticket! Collect punches to win prizes. This is the summertime version of our annual holiday Advent Calendar.

May 11th - Haze Fest (11am)

  • 25 HAZY BEERS on tap, featuring guest taps and one-off infusions. This event also has a Crush Zero can release and Triple Crush crowler release.

May 12th - Mother's Day Bricks and Brews LEGO Competition (1pm)

    • A professional LEGO instructor from Play-Well Teknologies will be leading a LEGO engineering class and competition for children and parents at the Taproom. Tickets are available now and are $12 per child, and the ticket includes a pint for mom! (or another parent/guardian). Join us for a relaxed family gathering celebrating moms!

May 14th - Tasting Tuesdays - IPAs (7pm at The Brewtap)

    • In the second session of Tasting Tuesdays, Jess and Shawna lead you through a guided tasting experience diving deep in to the nuanced world of hops and IPAs. More information on how to purchase tickets is coming soon.

May 16th - Thank You Thursday: Support the Ballard P-Patch (3pm - 9pm)

    • Every Thursday Reuben’s Brews donates $1 from every pint or taster tray to a charity. For SBW we are partnering with Support the Ballard P-Patch to support their efforts to keep public gardens in Ballard.

May 17th - Reuben's Brews Symposium (7pm - 10pm)

    • On the eve of our annual Invitational Festival we are organizing a special, ticketed event benefiting the Washington Brewers Guild with special guest panels on brewing industry topics. Open to the public, but geared towards the industry. Moderated by Kendall Jones from the Washington Beer Blog. TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW.

May 18th - Reuben & Friends Invitational (11am - 5pm)

    • Nineteen breweries from around the country and around the state join us at the brewery, listen to some music, and pour some of their beers which are rarely available in Seattle. Hourly rotating guest taps all afternoon, live music, and multiple food trucks.

May 19th - Coffee Beer & Donuts (11am)

    • Coffee Beer and Donut pairing flight, featuring Reuben’s Brews beers brewed with coffee and Mighty-O Donuts. One of our favorite events at the end of Seattle Beer Week.

(Updated: 4/15/19)